About Me:

Hello, and welcome to my blog, Bear Skin.

When I was 6 years old  we moved from Central Africa to Australia and the exeperience affected me deeply. It birthed in me a love of travelling and culture, people, languages and strange customs.  While I don’t get the chance to travel much now, story keeps this love alive.


The more I read, the more I wonder, why are stories so full of characters going on a journey?  Why are stories motivated by conflict ? Why are so many great stories set during times of war and suffering ? Why does fantasy and fiction beguile us?

Why do we love “door way” stories which talk of portals to new worlds? Why do so many stories end with a happy ending, a wedding or a homecoming ?

This blog is effort to capture all the stories that have meant something to me and how they teach me about life. As I seek to make sense of these images I would love to hear from you and your impressions. Please contact me:

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