Bear Skin is a community page for those who love stories and art and how they shape us, as much as we shape them. But we are more than just a group of people who love science fiction, fantasy or Jane Austen. We are passionate about story as an art form and the people, languages and cultures that create these amazing stories.

There are several thousand languages being spoken today but many of these languages exist with only a handful of people alive who know them. Many of them are not written in any form.  With the rise of global technology, languages such as English, Chinese, Arabic, French and Spanish are taking over what once were beautiful and varied languages.  In the process precious thoughts, words, expressions, ideas, stories and cultural expressions are dying as well.

Our Mission: 

To engage communities through education, literacy, storytelling and cultural celebrations, to preserve their mother-tongue languages for future generation.

Our Products:

  • Videos

On the Bear Skin website you view video blogs of children from around the world telling a story in their mother tongue.

  • Books

Illustrated translations of these stories can be purchased through the website.

  • Calendars, and cards

Print calendars and cards with mages of the communities we work with and excerpts and quotes from the mother tongue languages can also be bought.


Our Impact: 

90% of profits from Bear Skin go to the projects listed below, 10% is invested back into the project to sustain its operations.

  1. We support projects such as Wycliffe, preserving oral cultures and rare and dying languages. We do this by financially assisting field workers in the recording and preservation of minority languages around the world.
    1. Indigenous Australia
    2. Papua New Guinea
    3. Vanuatu
  2. We encourage projects which provide primary education in the mother tongue. We believe that this is vital for the cultural heritage preservation of languages but also for the dignity and identity of minority groups. These projects entail the telling of local stories in mother tongue which capture the unique perspectives and thoughts these dying languages hold. They do this through story telling workshops and record and share these stories, especially focusing on elders and children.
  1. We also support project such as “Library for All” which supplies open source reading materials in global languages such as English, French, Spanish and Creole to remote and marginalised  communities, recognising that literacy in global languages and access to reading materials and education is key to community development.

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